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Tantalizing Tuesday 10 April: Happy Birthday

Well here it begins. My virgin Tuesday story. A Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser using 200 words, no more no less. I hope in future weeks more will join me in this venture, because fun is the name of the game.

Here is this weeks personal prompt and story

Happy Birthday

Fine birthday this has turned out to be, thought Cara as she stepped out of the shower. The tears had flowed along with the water from the showerhead. With partner, Reece away on business and best friend ill, there was absolutely no chance of a celebratory night out.

She dried herself with a fluffy towel, and then tiptoed into the bedroom. Opening her underwear drawer, she looked at the new lingerie she had been meaning to wear in the hope of a bit of birthday fun with Reece.

She picked up a couple of pieces of the fine black lace and held it up to her cheek, gently rubbing against her face. The underwear felt sexy, and an inner desire said, “Put it on”.

Dressed in the underwear she turned to look in the mirror but froze, gasping. She detected musky cologne and felt a hot breath on her neck. A husky voice uttered, “Hush Cara.”

“He moved his hand up to her face, softly stroking her bottom lip.

His other arm slipped around her waist and teasing fingers crept under her panties. He whispered, “Reece says Happy Birthday.  He lent me a key. I’m his gift to you tonight.”


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