Tantalizing Tuesday – 8 May: Look!

Ah well, we’re here again. Another Tuesday and time for a tantalizing teaser.  A personal choice of picture prompt. Two hundred words only inspired by the picture to create a short story. A group of wonderful writers take part each week, so pull up a chair click the links and enjoy teaser time. Here is my teaser. Enjoy.




“Come back to bed Greg. Get away from the window”

Gregory turned and grinned at Vince. “Oh Vince, you have to see this. She’s there again, and this time she’s naked, with no curtains drawn. Come and see.”

“Oh, come here. I only get one afternoon off a week, and the only naked body I want to see is yours. And however much I’m enjoying admiring your butt, I want to feast my eyes on the rest of you.”

“Just your eyes babe?” questioned Greg as he held the net aside, to get a clearer view of the woman opposite.

Suddenly Greg felt strong arms slip round his waist and move up to his naked chest. Vince’s fingers twisted his nipples and his hard cock pushed against Greg’s crack, almost invading his body.

Greg groaned.

Vince nuzzled his face into the side of Greg’s neck. “Well, seems like the mountain has to come to Mohammed,” he whispered.  Have you got a show in mind for the lady?”  His hands trailed down Greg’s trim body and stroked his manhood.

“I think she beat us to that idea. There’s another naked woman, eating her pussy. Jesus! Do you see who it is?”


Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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Sunday Snippet – 6 May: The Ring (18+)


The Ring is a story about Rosemary, and the changes in her life that come about when she inherits a scarab ring from her Great Aunt Madeleine.

Jake, live in partner of Rosemary, is having an affair with her best friend Georgia. Georgia is a beautiful African woman with a hot sexual appetite. She used to work in the same office as Rosemary, but recently moved to a different department within the same company. She got together with Jake at an office party. Jake and Georgia have been meeting in secret ever  since. This excerpt shows one time where Jake is with Georgia.



Jake caught hold of Georgia’s curvaceous hips, denying her the full length of his rigid cock. Looking deep into her wide brown eyes he stated, “You’re not getting this all your own way yet baby. Wait for your sugar.”

Jake kept Georgia there for a few seconds, the desperation for him creeping across her face, before gently eased her down completely and switched his hands to two magnificently formed dusky breasts. “More than a handful here baby,” he laughed.  ” I’m all yours.”

Georgia rocked, picking up a speed. She leant forward lifting her body up and grabbed his shoulders. Bringing herself back down on him her slick walls skidded down his shaft, clinging on to him. Jake groaned.


Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know

Tantalizing Tuesday – 1 May: Relax

It’s Tuesday again. Time for some tantalizing teasers. We’re getting some great ones written by some very talented writers. Two hundred words only for a story, inspired by a personal picture prompt. This week I have a sexy story for you. I thank you for taking the time to read  and would very much appreciate a comment. And please enjoy and comment on the other writer’s teasers.


Louise stared at her computer screen in disbelief. A message window had just popped up.

“Relax, Miss Travis. Don’t get stressed.”

Louise continued to look, more out of curiosity than anything else.

“Who are you,” she typed.

“That doesn’t matter.”

She looked to see if anyone was playing tricks on her but she was alone.

“Take your jacket off, get comfortable. You’ll feel much better.”

For some strange reason she followed the instructions, and leant back in her chair. Another message showed.

“There. You must feel better. Now, don’t type, just do as I say. Don’t worry, nobody can see.”

Louise felt strangely turned on. Eventually another message came through.

“Undo two shirt buttons and reach a hand to feel your breasts.”

As though controlled by some strange force, Louise obeyed. She cupped her breasts, stroking until the nipples were hard and almost pushing through her shirt. She began to moan.

“Good. Pleasure yourself some more.”

Louise pushed her skirt up and slipped two fingers under the elastic of her panties, stroking until she was wet and screamed as the phone rang.

The boss needed to see her.

“You look flushed,” he said as she closed the office door. Relax.”


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Tantalizing Tuesday – 24 April: Morning

Well here we are again. Another tantalizing Tuesday teaser. I have a treat for you, so let your mind flow with mine, imagining such a morning. Then read what the other talented writers are offering you in the way of teasers this week. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you.



Early morning sun shone through a tear in the old curtains as Tony began to stir. His arm was around Jenna who slept adorning a faint Mona Lisa smile. He lifted a hand and brushed a wisp of blonde hair back from across her eyes, being very careful not to waken her. Then Tony softly kissed her shoulder and back of her neck.

Jenna moved slightly, murmuring, but nothing he could make out. Tony snuggled closer, wondering if she was dreaming about last night’s lovemaking. As he brushed her butt cheeks, his cock stirred, rising involuntarily.  Tony sighed as it pressed against her crease. He held Jenna close to his body, and the cock slipped between her legs.

Jenna murmured a little louder as she wriggled in the bed. Tony ran the other hand down her body and  through her legs, that were now parted. He could not help himself stroking Jenna’s soft pussy lips and was surprised to discover she was wet. She wiggled her bum back against him, as his fingers slipped inside her, coating them with her juice.

“Mmmm,” she purred. She reached down to retrieve the fingers. “Let me taste. Then we can repeat last night.”


Hope you enjoyed. Please follow the links to the other teasers

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser – 17 April: Afternoon Delight

We have reached Tuesday again. So it’s time for our tantalizers to show themselves. Two hundred words inspired by a personal picture prompt to create a Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.  So pull up a chair and get tantalized by our talented crew.

I’ve got a tasty little number for you today. Enjoy.

Afternoon Delight

Selena slipped on her panties and stood in the shadows as she watched Philip come out of the building and cross the road. She ran her hands around the tops of her stocking clad legs, knowing how he loved her to keep them on.

She remembering the way he had burst into her tiny apartment and grabbed her, practically ripping the clothes from her, kissing her hard and flinging her back onto the bed. All the bottles on the dresser had gone flying, her arm flailing out as she tried to regain her balance.

Tying both her hands to the bedstead, he spread her legs and crawled up headfirst eventually reaching her pussy. Instantly she dripped with juices of anticipating sex. Helpless to the onslaught of his masterful tongue he made her scream as he dallied with her smooth bud.

Selena looked through the window, almost losing sight of Philip; she started rubbing her tingling crotch and slipped her fingers underneath. Plunging into the warm depths just as Philip had fucked her with his throbbing rod immediately soaked her fingers. Then as she put them in her mouth and sucked the delicious sweetness, she thought, see you next Tuesday afternoon.


Hope you enjoyed. Please comment and read the other stories
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Sunday Snippet: 15 April

15 April 2012


A story full of desire and various sex scenes to titillate your fancy

Here we see Melissa, who has just has just arrived back from college in Switzerland, getting together with her best friend Fiona to exchange news.


After her shower, Melissa dragged on a pair of pale blue denim shorts and pulled a crop top down over her head. Droplets of water dripped down her back from the still wet ends of her hair as she brushed it back. Glancing at the clock on her bedside table, she realized she should be downstairs. Slipping into a pair of fashionable white leather sandals, she raced downstairs and into the back garden.


“What took you Sugar?”  The sultry tones came from Fiona. She was lazing on a yellow cushioned sun lounger twirling the olive round a dry martini.

Her voluptuous golden tanned figure was sporting a tiny blue bikini, and a shock of tousled red hair hung loose around her shoulders.

She patted the lounger that was next to her. “Come and sit next to me, I want to hear all your news. Your drink is waiting for you,” she indicated, pointing to the gin and tonic on the table.

Melissa walked over, and kicking off her sandals eased herself as gracefully as was possible down onto the lounger. Fiona leant over and gave her a hug. Her breasts squashed up against Melissa’s. “I’ve been lonesome without you. You are the only one I trust to keep all my secrets.”

“And some of them are quite fruity too,” laughed Melissa as she took a sip from her drink. She blinked, and then spluttered as she put the glass back, “God, this is strong! Did you fix it?”

“Only the best for you Sugar,” Fiona said, winking. “Go on, get it down you, you’re a big girl now. So, spill. What are the men like in Switzerland?”

Melissa stretched her long legs out and propped herself up on one elbow looking at Fiona. She squinted in the sun.

“Not as well-proportioned as you my dear,” she chuckled looking down at her own slender body. “Anyone would think that all you ever think about is men. In addition, I will have you know I went there to learn to be a woman. But I’m not sure I succeeded.”

“Oh I think about other things beside men,” Fiona smiled. “And Sugar, you’re definitely a lady.” She looked her over slowly, from head to toe. “Well, from what I can see, anyway.”

She lay back on the lounger and ran her fingers around her ample breasts. Arching her back, she went on. “So you’re telling me in all the months you were there you didn’t get laid? Not even once? She snorted, “What’s the matter with you girl?”

“There was someone,” Melissa said with a wicked glint in her eye. “I used to date a gorgeous looking guy from Salzburg. A six-footer called Charles, with the bluest eyes you have ever seen. He used to take me dancing, and to the theatre. Sometimes we would go riding together. His uncle owned stables. I was lucky enough to ride a 16 hands Palomino.

Fiona smiled as she watched Melissa rubbing her tummy sensuously. “Sometimes we rode way into the countryside to picnic amongst other things. Boy was he a great kisser! I swear he could tickle my tonsils with his tongue!”

“Easy tiger, you’re getting carried away. Have another sip of your drink.” Fiona steadied her hand and patted it. “So what happened to Mr Wonderful?”


Hope you enjoyed

Tantalizing Tuesday 10 April: Happy Birthday

Well here it begins. My virgin Tuesday story. A Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser using 200 words, no more no less. I hope in future weeks more will join me in this venture, because fun is the name of the game.

Here is this weeks personal prompt and story

Happy Birthday

Fine birthday this has turned out to be, thought Cara as she stepped out of the shower. The tears had flowed along with the water from the showerhead. With partner, Reece away on business and best friend ill, there was absolutely no chance of a celebratory night out.

She dried herself with a fluffy towel, and then tiptoed into the bedroom. Opening her underwear drawer, she looked at the new lingerie she had been meaning to wear in the hope of a bit of birthday fun with Reece.

She picked up a couple of pieces of the fine black lace and held it up to her cheek, gently rubbing against her face. The underwear felt sexy, and an inner desire said, “Put it on”.

Dressed in the underwear she turned to look in the mirror but froze, gasping. She detected musky cologne and felt a hot breath on her neck. A husky voice uttered, “Hush Cara.”

“He moved his hand up to her face, softly stroking her bottom lip.

His other arm slipped around her waist and teasing fingers crept under her panties. He whispered, “Reece says Happy Birthday.  He lent me a key. I’m his gift to you tonight.”


I hope you enjoyed and will read other Tuesday Teasers

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Tuesday Teasers: Introduction

Something new to tantalise. A picture prompt gives us inspiration.Two hundred words only creating a tasty little teaser on Tuesdays. How’s that for a treat? Starting date 10 April 2012. See you on Tuesdays!

Hello There

Naomi here

After much thought I decided to start a WordPress Blog. I’ll learn as I go how to personalize it. But for now this is me. Mysterious and bursting with fantasies.  I’m putting an 18+ sign because my fantasies are erotic. Enter my blog with care, you have been warned! I’d love some followers here, and will reply to any comments 🙂