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Tantalizing Tuesday – 19 June: Looking On

Tuesday once more! A time for talented authors to gather and show how it is possible to write an awesome teaser inspired by a picture in two hundred words. No more, no less. All are worth reading and commenting on. So click the links and show some love. This week my teaser is called Looking On Hope you like it.


Lana sat on the cream velour stool and looked into the mirror while she applied make- up. The evening sun shone through a small window, and sparkling beams danced round her golden locks.  Sam had promised to take her to meet ‘the parents’ tonight. She wanted to look her best. Unaware of her lover just outside of the bedroom, she carried on.

Sam watched with eyes that drank in every inch of the woman clad only in underwear. The pink lacy bra emphasized perfectly formed breasts that moved seductively. Matching pink lace panties crowned her shapely ass.

Lana scanned the lip pencils and picked out a rose coloured one. She skilfully wound the pencil around her plump lips and created a fine pink edge to them.

Lana shifted position and slipped a hand between her legs.  She touched her crotch and purred. A gentle finger rubbed with circular movements.

Temptation got the better of Sam who longed to touch and moved forward to see more.

The floorboard creaked. Lana looked up and noticed Sam, who blew her a kiss.

“I love you Lana.”

“I love you too Samantha.”

“I want you tonight honey. I’ll phone and put my parents off.”


Hope I teased you 😉

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Tantalizing Tuesday – 15 May: Together

It’s another tantalizing Tuesday time. When several wonderful writers get together and write  a 200 word teaser from a personal picture prompt. These stories are wonderful. To be read, enjoyed and commented on as the writers are very talented. I thank you for journeying here to read mine.


This was the best time ever. Finally free to behave as they wanted and not how society expected them, the two scantily dressed golden tanned women held each other and kissed.

Donna pushed Leanne down onto the bed, her blonde hair falling dishevelled on the white sheet. She fell on top of Leanne, her hands pinning her on the bed, and a black sheer stocking clad leg gently stroked her inner thigh.

Leanne trembled; even the thought of having Donna this close had sent shivers down her spine. After numerous amorous internet conversations, Donna finally asked to meet and live out the fantasy. Leanne lifted her legs up and wound them around Donna, whose voluptuous breasts were crushing Leanne’s soft swells.

She leant over Leanne, nibbling her left ear, and trailing tiny kisses along her jaw before tracing a fine line around Leanne’s partially open mouth. Leanne reached round undoing the clasp on Donna’s bra, who was stroking Leanne’s sopping pussy.

They both looked up upon hearing a loud groan. Leanne grinned wickedly at Donna.

“Why don’t we let your husband join us? He has precum showing. We could untie him from the chair and lick it off his cock.”


Hope you enjoyed

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Sunday Snippet – 6 May: The Ring (18+)


The Ring is a story about Rosemary, and the changes in her life that come about when she inherits a scarab ring from her Great Aunt Madeleine.

Jake, live in partner of Rosemary, is having an affair with her best friend Georgia. Georgia is a beautiful African woman with a hot sexual appetite. She used to work in the same office as Rosemary, but recently moved to a different department within the same company. She got together with Jake at an office party. Jake and Georgia have been meeting in secret ever  since. This excerpt shows one time where Jake is with Georgia.



Jake caught hold of Georgia’s curvaceous hips, denying her the full length of his rigid cock. Looking deep into her wide brown eyes he stated, “You’re not getting this all your own way yet baby. Wait for your sugar.”

Jake kept Georgia there for a few seconds, the desperation for him creeping across her face, before gently eased her down completely and switched his hands to two magnificently formed dusky breasts. “More than a handful here baby,” he laughed.  ” I’m all yours.”

Georgia rocked, picking up a speed. She leant forward lifting her body up and grabbed his shoulders. Bringing herself back down on him her slick walls skidded down his shaft, clinging on to him. Jake groaned.


Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know

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