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Sunday Snippet – 13 May: The Ring

This Sunday sees a snippet of Rosemary. Alone, frustrated and stressed, she tries to relieve tension in a bath. 


The past week had been a traumatic one, Jake had been no comfort to her at all, and Rosemary felt neglected.  Having her doubts about Jake, she was not sure there was any love left. Rosemary wished she had a partner with more compassion, who would always be there for her. As the warm water swirled over her front, she imagined the gentle fingers of a lover massaging her from the neck and shoulders down.

She smiled, watching her hard red nipples bob; just visible, deepening in colour, in contrast to the soft swells of her pale pert breasts. She arched her back, aroused by the waters sensual caressing.

Her eyes rolled back beneath fluttering eyelids, and Rosemary moaned softly, the buoyancy lifting her legs. Fingers gently running down her body, barely touching, just as a lovers fingers would until she reached her labia. There, she spread her lips and stroked, moaning louder as electricity sparks raced round her, from the ends of  curling toes to the tips of her tingling fingers. Drawing her legs up and bending her knees, she spread her legs.


Shallow breaths caused her breasts to ebb alarmingly. Beads of perspiration washed away automatically in the exertion. Her long flowing chestnut hair was soaking and stuck to her head. Quivering legs thrashed, her feet hitting the end of the bath. Rosemary’s moans turned into loud groans as she rubbed faster, almost at the point of orgasm.


This is first draft only. What do you think?


Sunday Snippet: 15 April

15 April 2012


A story full of desire and various sex scenes to titillate your fancy

Here we see Melissa, who has just has just arrived back from college in Switzerland, getting together with her best friend Fiona to exchange news.


After her shower, Melissa dragged on a pair of pale blue denim shorts and pulled a crop top down over her head. Droplets of water dripped down her back from the still wet ends of her hair as she brushed it back. Glancing at the clock on her bedside table, she realized she should be downstairs. Slipping into a pair of fashionable white leather sandals, she raced downstairs and into the back garden.


“What took you Sugar?”  The sultry tones came from Fiona. She was lazing on a yellow cushioned sun lounger twirling the olive round a dry martini.

Her voluptuous golden tanned figure was sporting a tiny blue bikini, and a shock of tousled red hair hung loose around her shoulders.

She patted the lounger that was next to her. “Come and sit next to me, I want to hear all your news. Your drink is waiting for you,” she indicated, pointing to the gin and tonic on the table.

Melissa walked over, and kicking off her sandals eased herself as gracefully as was possible down onto the lounger. Fiona leant over and gave her a hug. Her breasts squashed up against Melissa’s. “I’ve been lonesome without you. You are the only one I trust to keep all my secrets.”

“And some of them are quite fruity too,” laughed Melissa as she took a sip from her drink. She blinked, and then spluttered as she put the glass back, “God, this is strong! Did you fix it?”

“Only the best for you Sugar,” Fiona said, winking. “Go on, get it down you, you’re a big girl now. So, spill. What are the men like in Switzerland?”

Melissa stretched her long legs out and propped herself up on one elbow looking at Fiona. She squinted in the sun.

“Not as well-proportioned as you my dear,” she chuckled looking down at her own slender body. “Anyone would think that all you ever think about is men. In addition, I will have you know I went there to learn to be a woman. But I’m not sure I succeeded.”

“Oh I think about other things beside men,” Fiona smiled. “And Sugar, you’re definitely a lady.” She looked her over slowly, from head to toe. “Well, from what I can see, anyway.”

She lay back on the lounger and ran her fingers around her ample breasts. Arching her back, she went on. “So you’re telling me in all the months you were there you didn’t get laid? Not even once? She snorted, “What’s the matter with you girl?”

“There was someone,” Melissa said with a wicked glint in her eye. “I used to date a gorgeous looking guy from Salzburg. A six-footer called Charles, with the bluest eyes you have ever seen. He used to take me dancing, and to the theatre. Sometimes we would go riding together. His uncle owned stables. I was lucky enough to ride a 16 hands Palomino.

Fiona smiled as she watched Melissa rubbing her tummy sensuously. “Sometimes we rode way into the countryside to picnic amongst other things. Boy was he a great kisser! I swear he could tickle my tonsils with his tongue!”

“Easy tiger, you’re getting carried away. Have another sip of your drink.” Fiona steadied her hand and patted it. “So what happened to Mr Wonderful?”


Hope you enjoyed