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Tantalizing Tuesday – 10 July: Best Time of the Day

Here we are again. Tuesday. The day the teasers come out to tantalize you.  A personal picture choice to inspire a 200 word story for you. Many talented authors take part and all deserve a read and a comment. This week mine is called Best Time of the Day.  I hope I tease and you enjoy it.



“No time for breakfast, I have an early meeting,” said Len downing a coffee. He picked up his briefcase and gave Janine a quick peck on the cheek. “For goodness sake get some clothes on.”

Two minutes later, he had left for the day and Janine breathed a sigh of relief. She looked forward to this time every day. The kitchen clock that showed 8.45am. Just enough time, she thought.

Once she had cleared everything away, Janine went into the lounge and turned the radio on. Just in time for what she’d waited to hear.

She stripped off and lay on the sofa just as the announcer started to speak.

The deep rich tones sent shivers down her spine. Completely in love with his sexy voice, Janine parted her legs and slowly stroked up to her velvety folds. Her back arched. She imagined him between her legs, his tongue slowly stroking her pussy. Her eyelids fluttered and she circled her clit. Trickles of juice ran down her leg. Her eyes rolled back, she panted and sweat appeared .  Janine fucked herself touching her G-spot.

Her body went rigid.

The announcer said, “Watch out for showers in the south.”



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Tantalizing Tuesday – 3 July: Gina

Ah, yes we are here again. Tuesday, when a bunch of amazing tantalizing authors write their teasers. Two hundred word stories, no more, no less and all inspired by a picture. All for your pleasure, so come on enjoy and show appreciation by leaving a comment. This week my teaser is called Gina I hope you enjoy it.


Gina lay sprawled across the pool table. The way she had positioned herself would have turned anyone on. She knew she had attracted the attention of Carl, who stood just inside the room watching her. He never spoke. in his mind, she could not have been more perfect and he had no wish to disturb her.

Gina opened her dark eyes and  flashed Carl a sultry look. She lay with her left arm stretched above her and her right leg bent up. She wore a short black dress did not leave much to the imagination and Carl had difficulty keeping his mind on his work. She realized this and gave him a sexy wink.

That made things worse for Carl; he felt a stirring. He could barely concentrate on what he was doing. He cocked his head. His gaze moved from the tip of Gina’s toes, along her calves and up her soft pale inner thighs. There he stopped however, his look drawn to Gina’s tempting pussy, barely covered by her panties.

“Gawd Gina, you would choose that pose.”

Carl stood up. “Let’s go home; I’ve got to have you.”

He lifted a sheet over the canvas. “We’ll resume tomorrow.”


Hope you enjoyed 😉

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