Tantalizing Tuesday – 26 June: Rosemary

Tantalizing Tuesday time. The day of the week when a group of awesome writers write 200 word teasers inspired by a picture of their own choosing. Each one deserves a read and comment. So treat yourself, click the links and enjoy a good read. This week my teaser is called Rosemary. I hope you enjoy reading it


Unaware of the two pairs of eyes that watched her, Rosemary walked around the hotel swimming pool to where she had spotted the only spare sun lounger. She picked her way through the other sunbathers and took care not to disturb them.

The brand new swimsuit clung to Rosemary’s body and outlined her slender figure. She walked with an accentuated sway to her hips. Tim nudged Pete from their watchful position on the rooftop bar.

“She’s a bit of alright!”

Pete laughed. “You can’t even see her face; she has that big hat on.”

Rosemary had donned a huge brimmed straw hat that protected her head from the fierce afternoon sun.

She looked at the pool and contemplated having a swim later, but for now however, just wanted to relax. She put her drink and sunglasses down. Then eased herself down onto the lounger and shut her eyes.

Pete grinned. “Bet you a pint she’ll talk to me.”

“Go on then, you’re on.”

Tim watched his friend go down and chat to Rosemary. He returned back to claim his pint, but Tim looked again at Rosemary who waved. He waved back and only then realized exactly who the woman was.


Julez S Morbius: http://morbiussworld.blogspot.co.uk/

Don Abdul: http://don-abdul.blogspot.com

Cg Brumby: http://www.cgbrumby.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/cg-brumby-twilight-fantasies-cg-brumby.html

Madison J Edwards: http://madisonedwards.blogspot.com

Molly Synthia: http://mollysyntha.com

Veronica Fredricks: http://authorveronicafredricks.blogspot.com

Dianne Hartsock http://diannehartsock.wordpress.com/tantalizing-tuesday-7/

Venus Cahill: http://www.venusbookluvr.blogspot.com

Cyril J. Michael: http://authorcyriljmichaels.blogspot.com

Cassandre Dayne http://cassandredayne.wordpress.com/

Benjamin T. Russell http://incubuschronicles.blogspot.com/

Leann Mitchell http://leannmitchell.blogspot.com/

Bonni Sansom: http://bonnisansom.blogspot.com/

Ray Sostre: http://theafterdarkworld.blogspot.com/

Gemma Parkes: http://gemmaparkes.blogspot.com/


About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Who is she? A sister, a friend, or an ex girlfreind????? You certainly teased me. I wanted more. Excellent post!

  2. LOL, I liked it. But yeah, who is this woman?

  3. Naomi! You really know how to tease! Great story telling!

  4. Great story here! Fabulous Teaser!

  5. Oh damn. Now I want to know who she is. I she his mother? His sister? His aunt? What a clif hanger! Loved your teaser!

  6. Fantastic post, you have completely teased me!

  7. Fabulous TTT! I love the story you created and I’m dying to know who she is.

  8. Oh, this is so cool, I adore flash fiction with a twist at the end. Oh Lordie, what if it’s the other man’s wife or girlfriend? There are endless scenarios for what might happen next.

    Bravo Ms. N., I loved it

  9. Who was she??? I want to know! lol Ah, such a lovely tease, Naomi. I thoroughly enjoyed being pulled into the story. I wanted to find out who she was! lol Super teased now. You have to write this tease into a short story – Pleeeeease? ^_^

  10. So unfair! Making us guess who she is. He must know her. Wonder if she’s an old girlfriend or the girl of his dreams… Great tease!

  11. Now that is a TEASE. Who is she? I have to know. Excellent

  12. Mmmm… what a tease, leaves me wondering who the mysterious Rosemary might be… I’d wager she is his boss. LOL
    Tantalizing possibilities too, if only you’d do the right thing and give us more 🙂

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