Tantalizing Tuesday – 12 June:The Party

Well hello there and welcome to another Tuesday. Tuesdays are the day when a group of awesome writers get together to tantalize. They post two hundred word teasers, inspired by a picture for your pleasure. Every story is worth a read and comment. They differ so much and show just how much talent these authors have. This week my story is The Party. Enjoy.


Elizabeth cringed when she heard Daniel call up the stairs. “Are you ready honey? We’ll be late.”

She knew how Daniel prided himself on timekeeping. Nevertheless, she had still tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him for the past week.

“Oh honey, this is their 50th anniversary, a very special occasion. We’ll be expected to attend.”

The words rang in her ears. Elizabeth sighed. Then she gazed hard into the mirror. Maybe they won’t notice, or ask me to explain, she thought. Oh, who am I kidding? The party will be a nightmare!

“Elizabeth!” The voice became more insistent and his heavy footsteps pounded up the stairs. She watched him come in the room, from the reflection in the mirror. He sidled up behind her. Elizabeth frowned, not happy at the way his hands pressed against her new dress.

“Hey, careful.” She looked down. Do we have to go? I don’t want people to stare.”

He kissed her neck.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be right with you.”

Elizabeth pulled her hair away from her face.  She thought of the car crash. “Please tell me.” She touched the snake like scar on her cheek and implored, “Be honest. Does this really show a lot?”



About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. excellent piece Naomi. Fear is one of the greatest of all emotions and you beautifully described it here

  2. This is so touching, her fear of what other people will think of how she looks. Women are notorious for spending time in front of the mirror getting everything just right, it must be so unsettling for her to have to see what she now considers to be ugliness.

    However, what I like about this TTT, is she’s got a good man who doesn’t give a shit about the scar. He loves her and he wants to be seen with her. He knows it’s not outside beauty that matters, it’s the beauty that comes from within that truly counts.

    Naomi – Well Done.

  3. It is very unsettling to look at your own face in the mirror and see a stranger, nevertheless, with support and understanding she will come to realize that external scars are nothing when your spirit thrives. 🙂 Great TT.

  4. I can understand her trepidation. I hope Daniel can make her believe that she is just a beautiful as ever.

  5. Aw, poor girl. She needs a lot of love and reassurance to get back out there and socialise with confidence. Great little story, pulled me in and l didn’t see the ‘scar’ problem coming.

  6. Loved the emotion behind this! Fabulous TTT!

  7. Fantastic Teaser! Funny that we both wrote about scars and fear this week.

  8. You captured her insecurity, and fear of other people’s perception. Good job!

  9. Thank you for sharing. Love your work honey! 🙂 You are seriously going places.

  10. Yes, I picked up her fear, but it was of Daniel, too. She knew this sojourn was an imperative to him, non-negotiable. I saw him pushing her, without a thought to her paralyzing scar nor her inner beauty. I think he is her scar and she must find a way to live with both……putting herself aside. So well done, Naomi:) xo

  11. Oh my, you captured her fear and insecurity very well. I wondered what was wrong… I’m afraid this is one thing she’ll have to overcome by herself. Let’s hope her family and friends can be supportive.

  12. Very tender and touching. The relationship between the couple is established with ease. The best compliment I can give is that you make this form of story-writing seem easy. Which we know is far from the truth.

  13. Sherry M. Palmer

    This was amazing Naomi. You captured her fear and self conciousness perfectly. Women fear being judged on looks all the time, so do some men. It is a shame cause looks fade and are nothing if there is not beauty inside. A person’s “core” is what matters, it is what makes them beautiful. But society has taught us different and it is a shame.

    You rocked this girl and I loved it. 🙂

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