Tantalizing Tuesday – 22 May: Time To Change

It’s Tantalizing Tuesday time. I love it. When a group of talented writers choose a picture and write a teaser inspired by it. Two hundred words, no more no less. The stories are wonderful,  grab a few minutes reading time, get comfortable and enjoy.

Thank you for reading mine. I hope you will leave a comment. Links to other teasers listed below.


Time To Change


Bella was just stepping out of the shower when she heard him.

“Goodbye! I’m going out with the lads. Don’t wait up!”

The door slammed as Wade went out of the house. She flinched for a moment, then thought, I don’t give a damn anymore … I’m fed up of those words. Tonight is my night. He can do what he likes.

She looked in the mirror remembering numerous diets. She thought about all the times she had tried unsuccessfully to regain Wade’s love.  No more. After deciding to make the best for herself, her happiness and confidence soared.

Bella carefully dressed in the provocative outfit. Applying  final touches to her hair and face, she stood tall, saying, “Go get ‘em girl.”

Wade met his friends at a local pub. After downing some beers, they decided to go on to a nightclub in the hope of getting lucky.

“Hey, let’s go to “The Peacock.” One said. “There’s a show tonight.”

Inside the men sat and listened as music started and the act announced.

“Tonight, welcome a star. Everyone’s favourite Burlesque Queen, Bella!”

Bella launched into her routine to a cheering audience.

Wade thought, I’m such an idiot, I’ll lose her.


Julez S Morbius: http://morbiussworld.blogspot.co.uk/

Lee Brazil: http://leebrazilauthor.blogspot.com

Sherry Palmer: http://michellechatton.blogspot.ca

Venus Cahill: http://venusbookluvr.blogspot.ca

Muffy WIlson: http://muffywilson.blogspot.com

Molly Synthia: http://mollysynthia.com

Don Abdul: http://don-abdul.blogspot.com/

Kharisma Rhayne: http://www.kharismarhayne.com/

Dianne Hartsock: http://diannehartsock.wordpress.com/tantalizing-tuesday-4/

ER Pierce: http://www.erpierce.com

Havan Fellows: http://havanshawthaven.blogspot.com/

Cyril J. Michael: http://authorcyriljmichaels.blogspot.ca/

Gemma Parkes: http://gemmaparkes.blogspot.com/

Cassandre Dayne: http://cassandredayne.wordpress.com/

Bonni Sansom: http://bonnisansom.blogspot.com/

Ray Sostre: http://theafterdarkworld.blogspot.com/

Benjamin Russell: http://incubuschronicles.blogspot.com/


About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Ah ha! Bella made the right choice and just might end up getting everything she wants. Very nice!

  2. Sounds like someone might have some fun 😀 Love it.

  3. I loved this, Naomi. Let the unappreciated woman reign supreme, and Wade can just eat it. 😛 It’s sad, sometimes, the lengths women must go through to remind their partner that they are *worth* their time, attention, and affection. At times we find ourselves in relationships that sap our confidence, strength, and even self-worth from us, and I loved that Bella had the guts to say No Way to this having that effect on her! Great post, Naomi!

  4. Way to go Bella. I love this teaser for all it is, all it promises, and the hope it lets shine through.

  5. Excellent piece. Really enjoyed it

  6. Go Bella! He deserves to lose her.

  7. Yes he is and hopefully, yes he will! Great story telling!

  8. Good for her, I’m glad she stood up for herself, and is doing what pleases her. Wade sounds like a douchebag

  9. Bella, Bella, Bella…..no clinging vine you!! WOnderful post! Empowering and wonderfully written.:) xo

  10. Good for her. The putz should lose her. She deserves better. Excellent TTT.

  11. Fabulous TTT! I’m a fan of the curvy gal story and this one is fantastic, Hope Wade realizes how good he has it.

  12. Fantastic pic and even better Teaser!

  13. Sherry Palmer

    Awesome job, I absolutely loved it. Good on her, time for him to wake or lose out. I love her attitude and the way you made sure Wade knew what he was going to be missing. Rocked Ms Naomi.

  14. Poor Wade, he probably wet his pants when he recognized Bella on stage. Ah, this TTT has so many connotations. Of course, everyone’s first inclination is to paint Ole Wade as the bad guy, but what if there was something else going on that made him act the way he did? Very Good Ms. Naomi, I like it – because it makes me think about all the different scenarios. Bravo

  15. Wow – I missed this last week…but you know what – screw him. If he can’t love Bella for being herself than he doesn’t deserve to call her his. Love this TT! ❤ Very moving 🙂

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