Tantalizing Tuesday – 15 May: Together

It’s another tantalizing Tuesday time. When several wonderful writers get together and write  a 200 word teaser from a personal picture prompt. These stories are wonderful. To be read, enjoyed and commented on as the writers are very talented. I thank you for journeying here to read mine.


This was the best time ever. Finally free to behave as they wanted and not how society expected them, the two scantily dressed golden tanned women held each other and kissed.

Donna pushed Leanne down onto the bed, her blonde hair falling dishevelled on the white sheet. She fell on top of Leanne, her hands pinning her on the bed, and a black sheer stocking clad leg gently stroked her inner thigh.

Leanne trembled; even the thought of having Donna this close had sent shivers down her spine. After numerous amorous internet conversations, Donna finally asked to meet and live out the fantasy. Leanne lifted her legs up and wound them around Donna, whose voluptuous breasts were crushing Leanne’s soft swells.

She leant over Leanne, nibbling her left ear, and trailing tiny kisses along her jaw before tracing a fine line around Leanne’s partially open mouth. Leanne reached round undoing the clasp on Donna’s bra, who was stroking Leanne’s sopping pussy.

They both looked up upon hearing a loud groan. Leanne grinned wickedly at Donna.

“Why don’t we let your husband join us? He has precum showing. We could untie him from the chair and lick it off his cock.”


Hope you enjoyed

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About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Um…completely turned on now. Thanks, Naomi. I only have eight or nine more hours of work to get through!!!!!

  2. Whoa! Explosive baby! Dying to know what happens next!

  3. Wow that was defintiely tantalizing. Great twist with the ending.

  4. Very HAWT, to say the least. Loved the twist at the end.:) xo

  5. oh wow…they are in for a good time! 🙂

  6. Seems to me you stopped and left us all panting for more! Wonderful Teaser!

  7. Would they have to untie him to do that? 😉 He might like being tied up while they have their fun with him…

  8. Sorry, B&R Publishing is me. Leann.

  9. Sherry Palmer/Michelle Chatton

    Great Tease. Like I have been saying on many of today’s stories, another Lucky man. 😉 It is amazing how that theme is a recurring one, I wonder if the men in our lives know just how lucky they really are?LOL Such naughty minds and all so willing to please their man. Loved it sweety, you did a great job and your muse is strong as ever.

  10. Great piece. Hot, spicy and loved the end

  11. Loved it! Did they let him join or just torture him more? I bet they tortured him.

  12. That was hot! I loved the neat ending too btw.

  13. Loved it Naomi, and the twist at the end was good )

  14. Honestly, I don’t think her husband wants to be untied, that dude is loving the show. I think they should keep him tied up until they “finish” – next time he’ll be more receptive to his wife’s request to have another woman join them in bed.

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