Tantalizing Tuesday – 1 May: Relax

It’s Tuesday again. Time for some tantalizing teasers. We’re getting some great ones written by some very talented writers. Two hundred words only for a story, inspired by a personal picture prompt. This week I have a sexy story for you. I thank you for taking the time to read  and would very much appreciate a comment. And please enjoy and comment on the other writer’s teasers.


Louise stared at her computer screen in disbelief. A message window had just popped up.

“Relax, Miss Travis. Don’t get stressed.”

Louise continued to look, more out of curiosity than anything else.

“Who are you,” she typed.

“That doesn’t matter.”

She looked to see if anyone was playing tricks on her but she was alone.

“Take your jacket off, get comfortable. You’ll feel much better.”

For some strange reason she followed the instructions, and leant back in her chair. Another message showed.

“There. You must feel better. Now, don’t type, just do as I say. Don’t worry, nobody can see.”

Louise felt strangely turned on. Eventually another message came through.

“Undo two shirt buttons and reach a hand to feel your breasts.”

As though controlled by some strange force, Louise obeyed. She cupped her breasts, stroking until the nipples were hard and almost pushing through her shirt. She began to moan.

“Good. Pleasure yourself some more.”

Louise pushed her skirt up and slipped two fingers under the elastic of her panties, stroking until she was wet and screamed as the phone rang.

The boss needed to see her.

“You look flushed,” he said as she closed the office door. Relax.”


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About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Wonderful! I loved the ending, and I enjoyed the premise. Thanks!

  2. Mmmm… I was wondering whom the mystery man might be all along… and then just when I got to thinking we might never know, that phone call upped my blood pressure. LOL
    A very potent teaser Naomi.

  3. Now that was a lovely switch. Never expected what he would be wanting her to do. Purr and well done.

  4. I wonder if it was her editor, giving her new rise to a budding premise? I loved this, Naomi! I know I have “relaxed” with my boss on more than one occasion, so very believeable……….and sexy!!:) xo

  5. A Boss who understand the needs of his employees will go far in any company. Clearly, he has his employees best interest at heart. Now that she is relaxed, she shouldn’t have any trouble bending over the desk so that he can give her an internal massage to further ease her stress. Such a caring Boss.

  6. Very nice! But why am I creeped out that the boss called at that exact moment? Wonder if she was filmed…

  7. That is some hot boss! Hope he’s got a really comfortable desk at exactly the right height!

  8. That was hot! I loved the mistery behind it all. Great teaser!

  9. Great, hot well written 200 words Naomi

  10. Wonder if the boss was doing the typing? Great post

  11. Loved it. That was fantastic Naomi. I do hope she reciprocates with her obviously, very caring boss 😉 Hmm, could he hear her, I wonder?

  12. Loved it Naomi!! I wish I hadf a boss like that. Of course I’d have to get a job first. lol great post!

  13. Learning how to properly relax is a detrimental tool in the workforce…and yeah, she is lucky to have such a understanding bossman…hehe

  14. Hot scenario! Wanted to read more! Good job! 🙂

  15. Fabulous pic and post! Hot with just a little creepiness. Great TT!

  16. Sherry Palmer/Michelle Chatton

    Loved it Naomi. You have such a wicked naughty mind to come up with that from such and innocent picture. I knew there was a reason I like you, you have a mind like mine. Plus you are a strong sweet survivor. 🙂

  17. Great Teaser! Boss man is sexy!

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