Tantalizing Tuesday – 24 April: Morning

Well here we are again. Another tantalizing Tuesday teaser. I have a treat for you, so let your mind flow with mine, imagining such a morning. Then read what the other talented writers are offering you in the way of teasers this week. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you.



Early morning sun shone through a tear in the old curtains as Tony began to stir. His arm was around Jenna who slept adorning a faint Mona Lisa smile. He lifted a hand and brushed a wisp of blonde hair back from across her eyes, being very careful not to waken her. Then Tony softly kissed her shoulder and back of her neck.

Jenna moved slightly, murmuring, but nothing he could make out. Tony snuggled closer, wondering if she was dreaming about last night’s lovemaking. As he brushed her butt cheeks, his cock stirred, rising involuntarily.  Tony sighed as it pressed against her crease. He held Jenna close to his body, and the cock slipped between her legs.

Jenna murmured a little louder as she wriggled in the bed. Tony ran the other hand down her body and  through her legs, that were now parted. He could not help himself stroking Jenna’s soft pussy lips and was surprised to discover she was wet. She wiggled her bum back against him, as his fingers slipped inside her, coating them with her juice.

“Mmmm,” she purred. She reached down to retrieve the fingers. “Let me taste. Then we can repeat last night.”


Hope you enjoyed. Please follow the links to the other teasers

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About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Really hot piece Naomi, I love it

  2. Awesomely painted picture in just 200 words. Loved it.

  3. Absolutely loved it. So erotic and hot you got me all stirred up. Excellent post!!

  4. Morning sex can be the best when painted in 200 words. Great post Naomi, loved it!

  5. Very sexy! And sooooo tatantalizing! Yo win this weeks prize for fullfilling the promise of this room. Very good TTT. I was getting hot reading it!

  6. Very sensual and sexy. This is a beautiful post Naomi. Excellent. Very exciting and hot.

  7. Mmmm…what a way to wake up! Nice and hot, Naomi! 🙂

  8. Wonderful and sweet! Great teaser, Naomi~

  9. Hot and sexy, loved it!

  10. Great post- sensual, a bit tender. I had the feeling he’s been waiting for this night for quite a while.

  11. I loved how well you used your words to enhance this picture. Fantastic Teaser!

  12. Love how you took such a sweet innocent looking photo and turned it into a schorcher!

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