Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser – 17 April: Afternoon Delight

We have reached Tuesday again. So it’s time for our tantalizers to show themselves. Two hundred words inspired by a personal picture prompt to create a Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser.  So pull up a chair and get tantalized by our talented crew.

I’ve got a tasty little number for you today. Enjoy.

Afternoon Delight

Selena slipped on her panties and stood in the shadows as she watched Philip come out of the building and cross the road. She ran her hands around the tops of her stocking clad legs, knowing how he loved her to keep them on.

She remembering the way he had burst into her tiny apartment and grabbed her, practically ripping the clothes from her, kissing her hard and flinging her back onto the bed. All the bottles on the dresser had gone flying, her arm flailing out as she tried to regain her balance.

Tying both her hands to the bedstead, he spread her legs and crawled up headfirst eventually reaching her pussy. Instantly she dripped with juices of anticipating sex. Helpless to the onslaught of his masterful tongue he made her scream as he dallied with her smooth bud.

Selena looked through the window, almost losing sight of Philip; she started rubbing her tingling crotch and slipped her fingers underneath. Plunging into the warm depths just as Philip had fucked her with his throbbing rod immediately soaked her fingers. Then as she put them in her mouth and sucked the delicious sweetness, she thought, see you next Tuesday afternoon.


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About naomi

Reading these fantasies is like looking through a window into my soul. :)

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  1. Made me horny! I want to have that on Tuesdays. You were very descriptive and drew me in. I wanted more. Great job.

  2. Very Tantalizing a Tuesday, indeed! Loved it:) xo

  3. Hot! He sounds like a great visitor!

  4. Holy smokes, what excellent choice of words and a great visual to go with that! Nice!

  5. whoo hoo!!! Naomi, wow, you hit this picture with a hot one! awesome FFF!

  6. Wow! Very hot stuff. Loved the “smooth bud”. I’ll have to remember that one and add it to our list of anatomy descriptions. It was all very erotic. Good TTT. (((hugs)))

  7. I was actually falling asleep but this woke me right up! Sizzling TT!

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